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Dispatch #00001001

In the ninth edition of Dispatches we touch on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its power to transform the way we work, interact, and live our lives.

Dispatch #00001000

In the eighth edition of Dispatches (a quickie this week), we have some great pieces including Notre-Dame’s role as one of the poles by which the fashion world orients itself, and the state-of-the-art railway revolutionising landlocked Ethiopia’s access to the Red Sea.

Dispatch #00000111

In the seventh edition of Dispatches, we have some great pieces on how a British fashion designer shook-up the industry in the 1960s, an evocative tale of a SoHo street photographer, and, as elections get underway, how India has fared under Prime Minister Modi.

Dispatch #00000110

In the sixth edition of Dispatches, we look at a fascinating cultural and architectural arms race in the Gulf, why keeping as open as possible to as many knowledge flows as possible is advantageous, and an exploration of the issues overshadowing Dubai’s property market fuelled business model.