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ThisIsRetail #17

This week includes a definitive history and evolution of ‘Brand Twitter’, how Raymond Loewy’s distinctive “cleanlining” style sold products – and himself, and how a new 3D printer might just turn the world of product design upside-down.

ThisIsRetail #16

This week we’re looking at models for how to run a business as viewed through the prism of rock and/or roll, to the weird (but weirdly inevitable) world of computer-generated influencers, and, with the release of Toy Story 4, we indulge in some childhood nostalgia.

ThisIsRetail #15

This week we’re looking at the inexorable rise of drag (and we’re not talking motorsport) – from the fringes to high-fashion runways, an incredible case of cross-over technology, and then there’s the story behind those 🐝🐝🐝…

ThisIsRetail #14

This week we’re looking at the fight for domination in the escalating Sino-American trade tussle (and what it means to you and me), waving iTunes off into the digital sunset, and sending a culinary love bomb to the South of Italy.