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great stuff, once a week, tops.

We’re all about making great stuff happen.

When our clients are ripping it up, smashing through boundaries, defying the odds we know we’re on the right track.

And when the people we love working with are fired-up, inspired by bold ideas and boundless possibilities, then we know we’re doing the right thing.

Great stuff happens when we win together. It’s who we are.

We’re optimists, convinced that nothing beats ingenuity and persistence.

We’re explorers, always seeking-out new people, places, and ideas to stimulate fresh thinking.

We’re curious, fascinated by the connectivity of the modern world and the opportunities it presents.

We’re collaborative, bringing together bright minds in pursuit of common goals, building the right team for the right task.

We’re good listeners, but we tell it like it is.

But above all else, we go all in to make great stuff happen.

leadership team

  • James Logie Managing Director

    An Arts graduate from Glasgow University, James’s first career experience was as a trainee producer with the BBC – cruelly cut short when the graduate intake was unexpectedly culled, and a salutary episode he most certainly did not find informative, educational, nor entertaining!

    However, Broadcasting’s loss was to become Retailing’s gain as he was privileged to receive a classic 360-degree retail orientation within the Goldberg Group, a unique heritage Department Store & High Street fashion business based in Scotland. James went on to hold a variety of retail operations and senior development roles within the organisation, culminating in his appointment as Head of Marketing and Advertising.

    James was invited to join RMC as a Consultant in 1988 and was subsequently promoted to Marketing Director. In 2007, he was appointed Managing Director, leveraging his retail experience to provide a truly consultative approach to retail clients at home and abroad.

    James was instrumental to the development of RMC’s specialist recruitment services for the international shopping centre and outlet sectors. More recently, he assumed a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of ambitious retail brands into new and emerging markets by brokering joint venture, franchise and licensing partnerships.

    When the business day is over, James reverts to Jim as he heads home to his wife (Kathleen) handbag-dog (Beau) and an ever-burgeoning collection of vintage 1960’s guitars, which he regularly exhibits in his capacity as a weekend Rockstar.

  • Joseph Leftwich Director

    Joseph works with clients from across the global consumer sector to develop effective strategies and build capacity for sustainable growth.

    He specialises in preparing retailers and brands for successful international expansion. And through brokering the joint ventures and franchises that enable retailers to expand into new markets, he plays a crucial role in enabling mall owners to add exciting new brands to their tenant mix.

    Originally tasked with growing RMC’s client base in new markets overseas, Joseph first helped develop a thriving retail client-base in the Middle East before launching RMC India in 2007.

    Since returning from India, Joseph has been integral to establishing RMC’s Connections and Consultancy services, and now represents a growing portfolio of retailers and brands seeking to expand their operations in new and emerging markets.

    A sufferer of acute wanderlust, he is apt to be found exploring remote, underdeveloped, and otherwise interesting quarters on his clients’ behalf. Tales of his business travels to Libya, Angola, Nigeria, and Uzbekistan and other parts unknown are told frequently, without request, in laborious detail, and are endured only by kinder clients, his remaining friends, and select family members.

    A graduate of Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland), Joseph joined Retail Management Consultants in 2005 and was appointed Director in 2017.

    He and his wife, Elin Isaksson (artist & designer), and their daughter, Tilda, live on a hill farm in rural Stirlingshire, UK, a magical place to return to after the frequent travel his work demands.

  • Daniel Leftwich Chief Information Officer

    Daniel gained early career experience in various customer-focused roles on the shop floor with the Virgin Group, Marks & Spencer, and Hilton, before graduating BA (Hons) Psychology from the University of Strathclyde in 2004.

    However, it wasn’t until the following year when he discovered his true calling when studying towards an MSc in Information Technology at the University of Stirling. Down went the Rorschach tests, off came the white coat, and on went the laptop (and beard).

    Being something of an incurable tinkerer, Daniel initially joined the team as IT Manager to develop systems and platforms aimed at promoting knowledge-sharing and ever closer collaboration between teams based across the world.

    In 2008, he was promoted to Head of Finance & IT, helping to enhance business performance and innovation. This cross-functional role encompassed design and development of the company’s technology vision and broadened to oversee all financial aspects of the business, including strategy, planning, and investment.

    Appointed Chief Information Officer in 2018, Daniel was tasked with bridging the gap between business and technology, driving long-term growth and customer engagement. As important is the building of an ‘experimental’ business culture, more akin to a software company, inspiring colleagues and clients to embrace the possibilities technology offers to solve the most complex commercial problems.

    When the day is done, inspired by Japan’s Kazuyoshi Miura, Daniel dreams of a (highly) unlikely second career as a pro footballer, plays five-a-side instead, before limping home to his wife (conveniently an orthopaedic nurse), Kate, and newbie son, Ciaran.