Retail is a fast-paced business. The saying, ‘innovate or die’ has never been more apt. At Retail Management Consultants we’ve been innovating for the past 25 years and we’re as excited about the retail business as we were when we started.

Like the best retailers, we believe in caring for our customers. We’ve built our business on simple, universal values: honour, honesty, and hard work. It’s an approach that has stood the test of time – the clients who work with us, tend to stay with us.

Our expertise and contacts across the globe have breathed fresh life into many popular brands with ambitions to grow.

Not only do we work in Europe and the United Kingdom, so far we’ve helped companies set up businesses and partner with new retail opportunities in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, India, and China.

We offer four core services: InsightsConnectionsRecruitmentConsultancy.

They’re services that can be used together or on their own depending on your needs, but they’re all designed to make your life easier.

From market intelligence and feasibility studies, to putting you in touch with the right people on the ground, to recruiting the best talent for your business, we’re here to help.

Time and again, our expertise has added value to retailers and brands. Whether you are a publicly listed or a privately-owned company, a new start-up or a household name, let us use that expertise to add value to yours.

Meet the Team

  • James Logie, Managing Director, Retail Management Consultants

    James Logie Managing Director

    Following an early career as a journalist / trainee producer with the BBC, James held a variety of retail operations and senior development roles in high-street retailing, culminating in his appointment as Head of Marketing and Advertising for Wrygges and the Goldberg retail group.

    James has wide-ranging experience in executive, senior, and board-level appointments, and developed RMC's specialist recruitment services division for the international Shopping Centre and Outlet Centre sectors.

    More recently, James has assumed a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of ambitious retail brands into new and emerging markets by brokering joint venture, franchise and licensing partnerships.

  • Joseph Leftwich, Head of Business Development, Retail Management Consultants

    Joseph Leftwich Head of Business Development

    A graduate of Heriot-Watt University, Joseph worked with the British Government before joining Retail Management Consultants in 2005. Tasked with growing RMC’s client base in new markets overseas, Joseph first helped develop a thriving retail client-base in the Middle East before turning his attention to India and launching RMC India in 2007.

    Since returning from India, Joseph has been integral to establishing RMC's Connections service, and he now represents a growing portfolio of retailers and brands seeking to expand their operations in new and emerging markets.

    As Head of Business Development, much of Joseph's focus is on projects taking in a broad geographical spread, currently including Greater China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, India, Russia, and Central/Eastern Europe.

  • Daniel Leftwich, Head of Finanace & IT, Retail Management Consultants

    Daniel Leftwich Head of Finance & IT

    Daniel graduated BA (Hons) Psychology before being awarded MSc Information Technology from the University of Stirling in 2005. During this time he also gained valuable experience with blue chip companies including the Virgin Group, Marks & Spencer, and the Hilton Hotels Group.

    Daniel has worked with RMC in various capacities from the ground up before assuming overall IT systems responsibility in 2006. The role continued to broaden when, in 2007, RMC expanded into India, with much emphasis shifting towards developing platforms to promote collaboration and integration of geographically remote teams.

    Daniel now has cross-functional responsibility for ensuring RMC achieves its financial objectives, and implementation of the company's strategic and continuous improvement programmes.

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