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A new way to shop in Finland

It gives us great pleasure to announce the opening of Zsar Outlet Village – the first premium outlet village in the Nordic region.

Essential Questions for Fashion Fit

We are on the cusp of developing the tech that is going to enable us to physically ‘size’ our consumers, but are we actually prepared to handle the results?

Getting the fit down to a science

From reduced costs of production and distribution, through to tighter stock control and fewer returns, the implications of for the fashion industry are enormous… if it works.

Uzbekistan: A Mission to High Asia

In an age where East and West are learning to forget what has historically divided them, Uzbekistan, with its great tradition of trade and commerce, and from its perfect strategic location at the crossroads of the great Eurasian trade routes, is looking outwards once again, proud of its history but eager to move on, ready to succeed and very much open for business.

Dancing in Luanda

The mall wasn’t busy – it couldn’t have been more than 10am on a normal Friday morning – but the twitchy throb of Kuduro music was already working hard and doing its job sending the handful shoppers there into spontaneous dance…