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25 Years in the saddle… and I’ve got the scars to prove it!

There is an old retail saying that “if you don’t like change, then you are in the wrong business” … and it is indeed quite startling to consider how much Retailing has changed in the last two and a half decades, and yet how something things have hardly changed at all.

China Department Store Summit (part three)

If genuine, seamless multi-channel strategies do prevail and succeed in China, what will this mean for landlords and developers? The British experience shows that multi-channel retailing reduces both the size and the number of stores a retailer needs to penetrate the market…

China Department Store Summit (part two)

Though Joseph’s not quite yet back in the UK, and I haven’t been able to scoop out his impressions of the conference (that’ll come in installment three), a promise is a promise. You can now use the following link to download a copy of his presentation: ‘ The UK Retail Revolution & Breakthrough in the Minimal Growth Age‘…. read more…

China Department Store Summit (part one)

RMC’s Head of Business Development, Joseph Leftwich, is in Beijing to address the great and the good at the 11th annual ‘China Department Store Summit’.