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Dispatch #00000110

posted: 8 April, 2019

Welcome to the sixth edition of Dispatches, our hand-picked round-up of the most interesting ideas, innovations, and insight from the global retail, fashion, and tech industry news.

This week’s admittedly tardy edition, dear reader, includes a fascinating cultural and architectural arms race in the Gulf, why keeping as open as possible to as many knowledge flows as possible is advantageous (warning: may contain high levels of Brexit), and an exploration of the issues overshadowing Dubai’s property market fuelled business model.

  • Why soft power is in style in Qatar
    Hundreds of influential faces in global politics, art, fashion and design descended on this tiny desert kingdom last week.
    [NY Times Fashion]
  • The United Kingdom has gone mad
    The problem with holding out for a perfect Brexit plan is that you can’t fix stupid.
    [NY Times]
  • Dubai fears the end of its ‘build it and they will come’ model
    But can an economy fuelled by the vagaries of the property market reform itself?
    [Financial Times]
  • Amazon (sub)prime – Part II (read Part I here)
    But can an economy fuelled by the vagaries of the property market reform itself?
    [Financial Times Alphaville]
  • ‘They thought it was black magic’: an oral history of TiVo
    How the original DVR paved the way for Netflix and the cord-cutter movement.
  • Behold the Beef-less ‘Impossible Whopper’
    Burger King is introducing a Whopper made with a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods. The deal is a big step toward the mainstream for start-ups trying to mimic and replace meat.
    [NY Times]

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