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Dispatch #00000111

posted: 14 April, 2019

Welcome to the seventh edition of Dispatches, our hand-picked round-up of the most interesting ideas, innovations, and insight from the global retail, fashion, and tech industry news.

Normally at this point it’d be on with the show, but as time goes by we figured that we’d change-up. So from now on we’ll also be drawing from the best in art & design, music, culture, architecture, economics, adding a dash of geo-politics to spice things up, and whatever else comes to hand.

We’ll try to keep it relevant, but as a well-rounded, open-minded citizen of the world, dear reader, we reckon it’ll keep you in the know, and the grey matter whirring. So without further ado…

This week’s edition includes some great pieces on how a British fashion designer shook-up the industry in the 1960s, an evocative tale of a SoHo street photographer, and, as elections get underway, how India has fared under Prime Minister Modi. Enjoy.

  • How Mary Quant made fashion fun
    Her playful, cheeky clothes were the perfect fit for newly liberated women.
  • Who says old-fashioned street photography is dead?
    Jean Andre Antoine uses a camera from 1947 and spends nearly every day working the same SoHo block.
    [NY Times Style]
  • Modi’s India
    The man who wants 900 million votes.
  • Why India is one of world’s most protectionist countries
    As elections begin, India’s high trade barriers are in the spotlight.
  • Sign of the times: Mumbai’s typographical treasures
    From hand-painted metro signs to art deco buildings, the Indian city is beginning to appreciate and conserve its unique design heritage.
  • How to solve the plastic packaging paradox
    Good packaging prevents waste, but too often becomes pollution.
  • Would you sort your rubbish into seven different bags?
    There’s a city that sends no domestic rubbish to landfill. But part of its success involves asking residents to sort their rubbish into seven different brightly coloured bags.
  • Hot Topic is still hot
    How has an enclave for emo kids and mall goths resisted the retail apocalypse? With merch.
    [NY Times]
  • The art of rock: four museums explore how we connect to music
    Shows about Leonard Cohen, instruments, punk graphics and punk sexual energy highlight the bonds between listeners and creators.
    [NY Times]
  • The mystery of Star Wars and Tunisia’s rundown Brutalist hotel
    Did a hotel facing demolition in Tunis inspire the design of the Star Wars Sandcrawler?

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