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ThisIsRetail #21

posted: 26 July, 2019

Welcome to ThisIsRetail, your weekly look at some of the more diverse and unexpected stuff influencing the way we buy, sell, and consume in the 21st century.

This week is our 2019 holiday season special. And much like a family holiday, our guest articles this time are loosely-related, have little in common, and are being forced to share each other’s company in the name of FUN.

We have news of outrageous delays, bored kids, cultural misunderstandings, and name-calling. So buckle-up, engage flight mode, and recline that seat all the way back into your neighbour’s dinner tray because ThisIsRetail.

  • Airside
    With Duty Free growing faster than any other channel apart from online, airports are hot property.
    [Vogue Business]
  • Delays
    Billions over budget, eight years late in opening, how an architect’s distaste for shopping contributed to the Berlin Brandenburg Airport fiasco.
  • Aviators
    As Essilor Luxottica makes moves to takeover GrandVision, we focus on the visionary who came to dominate the optical sector.
  • Cabin Fever
    Introducing the AI-equipped toy designed to fight the “distraction economy”.

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