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Breaking from the past, building a better future

More than ever before, people want to engage with the brands they see online and on screen – and this applies to those in frontier and emerging markets perhaps even more acutely than in the developed world.

Demand in these markets is sky-high whilst supply of new and interesting products, brands, stores, and leisure and entertainment concepts is woefully limited.

There are significant obstacles to be overcome, but we are absolutely convinced of the huge potential for growth in the developing world. And we’re equally convinced of the benefits a thriving retail sector can bring to people living in those countries in terms of developing skills, increasing job opportunities, and giving people, particularly women, a way out of poverty.

Angola is striving to tackle the physical, social and political legacy of a 27-year civil war that ravaged the country after independence from Portugal. Since fighting ended in 2002, a period of stability and gradual economic growth has been established – but it has yet to reach its full potential.

The essential components for a thriving economy are all there – a rapidly-growing and young population of around 25 million, a fast-developing middle class, rapid urbanisation, fast adoption of digital technologies, and a hunger for modern lifestyles and experiences.

It is a huge and largely untapped market full of opportunity. But being so dependent on its large reserves of oil and diamonds, the need to diversify its economy and develop a commercial sector is now a key part of the Government’s strategy.

Many of the larger Angolan corporations have taken up the challenge set by the Government, including our client, Contidis, which has now created a chain of hypermarkets, pharmacies, electronics stores and shopping malls across Angola’s capital city of Luanda.

Contidis is an extraordinary example of what can be achieved with hard work, experience, and the right support from local and central government. But they could not achieve all their objectives alone and have relied on RMC to provide advice and support in building a retail franchise platform company – the vehicle that will bring leading international retailers to the Angolan market.

We are very proud of the work we do and the clients we support clients in frontier and emerging markets. Angola has earned a place in our hearts and we will be watching closely over the coming years to see how this country, its economy, and its incredible people progress.

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“Contidis is a very young company but we have managed to open three hypermarkets, three pharmacies and three electronic stores in just two years, and we intend to open other seven in the next three years.

However, we faced a great challenge when it came to fill our shopping Malls with other formats than the ones we had explore in previous job experiences. We needed someone who could help us in developing contacts with different kinds of stores formats and retail businesses. That is why we turned to RMC for help.

RMC presented to us several kinds of franchising opportunities very quickly, and made it possible to reach the key people with in those companies to discuss a partnership.

Without Joseph’s credibility and know how, it would take us years to reach this point.”

João Paulo Seara
Executive Board Member, Contidis