India's First Truly Modern Hypermarket Chain

HyperCITY is fast becoming one of India’s most successful supermarket retailers. The secret of their success is rather simple: placing the best interests of its shoppers at the very heart of everything they do. Their management style, business culture and values are an integral part of HyperCITY’s policy and decision-making process and crucial to its commercial success.

Creating an attractive, competitively-priced merchandise offer in well-designed, cost-efficient stores is only part of the story. Delivering the very best shopping experience for its customers each day, every day, is what makes them come back to HyperCITY time after time.

Hiring talented retail leaders who share HyperCITY’s business vision and passionate commitment to its delivery is what RMC is all about. The first appointment was an inspirational expat who has completely transformed the front-end performance of their retail operation. The second, an outstanding marketing dynamo, whose cutting-edge insights into consumer needs and wants has given HyperCITY a distinct competitive advantage. Most recent was the appointment of an exceptional HR practitioner whose focus is on fully unlocking the untapped potential of their workforce and enabling HyperCITY’s next phase of growth.

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“HyperCity operates Hypermarkets across India and is focused on delivering great value for our customers by offering their everyday shopping needs in an International store environment.

RMC has been our recruitment partner since 2010 and have supported our business growth by finding talented individuals to join the leadership team. These appointments have been in Operations, Marketing and HR.

RMC have continued to ensure that they have an in-depth knowledge of our business, its management style and culture. Allowing them to successfully complete International as well as all India executive search & selection assignments for us.

We enjoy a strong partnership and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mark Ashman
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