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Shoppers Stop

Indian retail pioneer invests in the future

In 1999, India’s retail sector was a very different proposition to the thriving, innovative, diverse and highly-competitive market it is today.

Back then, only a few intrepid and far-sighted individuals could begin to imagine how much change would soon take place and how much opportunity would soon be unlocked. One such person was Mr B.S. Nagesh, who created a department store concept that would go on to become a retail empire and an emblem of Indian progress and modernity.

We began working with Shoppers Stop during this formative period, helping to establish international best-in-class standards and it is a relationship we have come back to again and again over the years.

Initially, we set up an exchange programme whereby a group of Shoppers Stop’s talented younger executives spent several weeks shadowing their counterparts at Debenhams’ head office in London. Seeing at first-hand how a leading UK department store business operated day-to-day was invaluable experience for this young team who were pioneering a new business, in a young sector in an emerging market.

The favour was returned when a group from Debenhams HQ spent time in Mumbai training local store teams in visual merchandising. Similarly, this was an eye-opener for the UK executives who were able to absorb the realities of life and work as a retailer in emerging India – and a foretaste of the company’s own subsequent expansion to India.

Soon after, we helped Shoppers Stop build its senior executive team including their VP Buying & Merchandising and VP Visual Merchandising, essential placements which went a long way to establishing a far more robust retail business and continued success.

We have since worked together on various projects, and it’s a relationship – both with B.S. Nagesh and with his retail group – which we’re proud of to this day.

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“What I like about RMC is that they are very hard-working, dedicated and thorough in their research and approach to head hunting… the positions [we hired] were game-changers for Shoppers Stop… [and] I have no hesitation in recommending RMC for retail recruitments.”

B.S. Nagesh
Vice-Chairman, Shoppers Stop