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Wolverine Worldwide

Supporting the launch of a global brand in India

India has been a key feature of our day-to-day work for close to two decades – it’s a country we love, with people we admire, and such a fascinating retail market full of potential that we just keep coming back.

Over that time, we’ve developed a lot of experience advising foreign brands and retailers wishing to launch in India including Wolverine Worldwide, the global marketer of branded footwear, apparel, and accessories, which operates 400+ stores globally.

Building on our existing relationship with Tata International, we were invited to guide Wolverine, their new joint-venture partner, through the strategic planning phase of their entry of the Indian market and support the organisational design of their new Indian retail business.

In addition to strategic advisory services, we were invited to recruit Wolverine’s top leadership team for its Buying, Sales, Logistics, and Finance functions, plus a further six executive management roles. This talented management was tasked with profitably expanding the Wolverine stable of brands – including Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Patagonia, and Saucony – for launch in India.

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“RMC has been a strategic partner and sounding board in our talent acquisition process and has contributed to the formation of our entire leadership team in hiring four leadership team members within 18 months.

RMC has a deep understanding of the retail business and the organisational requirements to enable success – in India and internationally. They brought a professional approach and were a pleasure to work with – through normal and challenging times.”

Sanjay Mehra
VP - India, Wolverine Worldwide