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clearer understanding, better arguments, smarter decisions.

Leading businesses and business leaders rely on the knowledge, insights, and advice of our consultant team when grappling with complex decisions of strategic importance.

We help our clients develop a clear understanding of the critical business challenges they face, and the options open to them.

And by drawing from a broad industry-wide perspective gained through years of hard-won experience in global markets, we enable them to make smarter decisions with confidence.

Our work takes the form of reports, presentations, one-to-one support, and group workshops. But regardless of format, its hallmarks are honesty, integrity, impartiality and respect.

We will challenge assumptions.

We may even provoke argument… in a good way!

But we are always focused on ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.


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“All success is based on your initiative… thank you very much for your personal support and trust in myself…”


Holger Wagner
Managing Director , Azerbaijan Supermarket LLC