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Essential Questions for Fashion Fit

We are on the cusp of developing the tech that is going to enable us to physically ‘size’ our consumers, but are we actually prepared to handle the results?

Getting the fit down to a science

From reduced costs of production and distribution, through to tighter stock control and fewer returns, the implications of for the fashion industry are enormous… if it works.

Malls: Will Your Anchor Hold?

Since the first shopping mall was opened in Edina, Minnesota in 1952, only now is the accepted dogma is finally being challenged.

Debenhams: What Future in Store?

Sergio Bucher will bring digital expertise, international experience, and brand-building credentials; all skills Debenhams have been sorely missing in recent years.

The Sunday Trading Stooshie

High-street retailers now vie with their round-the-clock online rivals, for whom national regulatory borders are rendered largely irrelevant. With eCommerce continuing to exert pressure on ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailers, why hamper their ability to compete?…

Debenhams Russia x RMC

Debenhams, the UK’s leading department store chain, opens the doors to its new flagship store in Moscow, the second in Russia under a deal brokered by RMC…