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Dispatch #00000001

posted: 28 February, 2019

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Dispatches, our hand-picked round-up of the most interesting ideas, innovations, and insight from the global retail, fashion, and tech industry news over the past week (or so).

  • Simon Schama: When Britain chose Europe.
    From Cobden to Gladstone, Victorian liberalism has a clear message for today’s Brexiters.
    [Financial Times]
  • Restoring an avenue in Paris meant for Kings
    [NY Times]
  • How can new technologies help make fashion more sustainable?
    From bio-engineered fabrics to innovative packaging solutions, VOICES Salon attendees discuss what measures the industry can take in order to manage growth in a way that is less damaging to the environment.
    [Business of Fashion]
  • How FC Barcelona are preparing for the future of football.
    Science and sport intersect in the Catalan giant’s new ‘innovation hub’.
    [Financial Times]
  • From humble beginnings to master of the universe: How did Jeff Bezos make his billions?
    A big part of the answer is his frugality – but he also has a knack for knowing when to put his neck on the line and when to keep his head down.
  • Would a ‘digital you’ make buying clothes online easier?

We know you’ve no time to waste, so Dispatches only brings you the best of the best – all killer, no filler.

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