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ThisIsRetail #18

posted: 5 July, 2019

Welcome to ThisIsRetail, your weekly look at some of the more diverse and unexpected stuff influencing the way we buy, sell and consume in the 21st century.

We’re not a news feed, nor are we algorithm-powered content aggregator. No, we prefer to painstakingly hand-pick the innovative, the new, the stimulating, and the provocative. Expect diverse and, sometimes, esoteric features on culture, politics, travel, art, music, literature, and technology – plus anything else we find intriguing – so long as it’s on a collision-course with consumerism.

So why are we doing this? Well, amid the doom and gloom that clouds the sector, we want to shine a light on some of good stuff going on. We’re optimistic for the future of retail, but it’s up to us all to seize the opportunities it presents.

This week we’re serving-up consumerism & museum collections, writing & retail, slow-fashion & slow-art, TV imitating life imitating TV, and the sporting iconoclasts who dared to confront Wimbledon.

It’s a deuce.

  • Curating Couture
    When fashion exhibitions are bigger draws than Tutankhamun and the Mona Lisa, where do we draw the line between commercial and scholastic appeal? Can museums avoid playing shop?
    [Apollo Magazine]
  • Editorial & eCom
    Men ask a lot of questions. And if you can answer them properly then they will spend a lot of money.
    [Scandinavian Man]
  • Nice & Slow
    Blending traditional skills with classic style, he has been taken to heart by fashion’s establishment. A polite and refined interview with illustrator, Fei Wang, AKA Slowboy.
    [Grey Fox]
  • Why kids’ clothes look the way they do
    Children’s clothes haven’t always been a thing, so where did this ‘style’ we’re all familiar with come from?
    [99% Invisible]
  • Reality TV
    Home shopping taken to its logical conclusion, IKEA has created liveable, functioning replicas of some of the most recognisable living rooms in popular culture.
    [It’s Nice That]
  • Tennis & Transgression
    A timely look at the tennis players who dared to challenge Wimbledon’s strict dress code (with a nod to Thomas and his Agassi-inspired electric pink/stone-wash denim shorts – you know who you are!).

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